Earn Money By Renting Your Kids Tools​

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By renting YOUR kids’ tools to other families, guaranteeing a return on investment. 
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your home by removing stored kids tools and making space.
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Save another family from the expenses and hassle of buying, or carrying kids’ tools.

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parents who joined kidzkit community

Sally ElSayedh

A Mom of a 3 Years Old Daughter & 2 Adults

“Once I heard about kidzkit idea, I started to gather all the stuff that used space and are no longer being used, excited to start making money with no effort.

Ahmed Alfy

A Dad of 2 kids

“ I was in need of this idea. As I moved to a new house, kidzkit is an amazing idea to get rid of kids’ unused stuff and earn money.”

Marwa Shawky

A mom of a 4 year old son

“I fell in love with renting my kids’ unused tools idea. I wish found this idea once my son was born.

Sarah Alaa

A mom of a 8 year old son & 5 years old daughter

“I was going to lose a lot of money if I decided to resell my unused baby stroller. The last 4 months I earned more than the reselling price by renting the stroller. This is incredible!”